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Federal rollback of clean cars standards will harm Pennsylvanians health, pocketbooks

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Philadelphia, PA -- Tomorrow the federal government is expected to announce that they will revoke state’s ability to impose stronger car pollution standards through a California emissions standard. This proposal comes at a time when two in three Americans say the United States needs to do more on climate change and several leading automakers already have agreed to follow California’s tougher emissions standards. 

In response, PennPIRG Education Fund’s Campaign Associate Emma Horst-Martz released the following statement:

“When the Commonwealth adopted stronger clean cars standard, the 1 in 9 Pennsylvanians with asthma could breathe easier as the air started to clear. And all of us saved hundreds of millions of dollars on gas.

“But tomorrow’s announcement of the decision to undermine the long recognized ability of states to follow stronger emissions standards under the Clean Air Act, could set our health back decades and empty the wallets of many.  We should be encouraging consumers to choose the healthier, fuel-efficient car, not forcing gas guzzling cars that no one really wants on Pennsylvanians.”

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