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Harrisburg (Dauphin County) -—
Just days before the official start of the holiday shopping season the Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group released its 26th annual report on this year’s most dangerous toys.

The products range from small choking hazards like plastic balloons to books for infants containing lead.

Vanessa Wright of PennPirg said, “In the past year the National Consumer Safety Board recalled 200 thousand toys for violating lead paint standards.”

Wright purchased a children’s book as an example,””Under current law this book has more than seven times the amount of lead that is currently allowed.”

While many toys are hazardous, Sue Rzucidlo, a Pediatric Trauma and Injury Program Manager at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital said, “Not only can the product be unsafe – but how the toy operates as well.”

Due to the size and easy availability of small batteries toys may need to operate, Rzucidlo encourages parents to batteries the size of coin keep them out of harm’s way.

Wright said, “We must not weaken toy safety standards for American’s children.”

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